"You don't have to make
compromises when buying ingredients
or chemicals from Vivion"


What Customers Say

“I like the added value that Vivion offers. The high quality materials they provide save us time and R&D costs. Their staff is extremely helpful and their service is outstanding.”

“We have had the pleasure of working with Vivion for two years. During this time we have been able to effectively reduce our inventory costs and improve turns on key ingredients for our product line.”

“We have been ordering from Vivion for over 20 years because of their excellent service and product quality. They have an outstanding turn around time which means I get my material delivered when I need it.”

Vivion does not simply sell a product and provide good customer service. All of their sales staff is trained to handle technical questions and situations. Our Vivion representative goes above and beyond for us every time.”

“If you are interested in working with a firm who will partner with you to help your business achieve success, Vivion is the chemical and ingredient supplier for you.”

“As a nutraceutical manufacturer, we must have suppliers who understand cGMP certification and can supply both quality ingredients and all necessary documentation. Vivion can do both.”

“I enjoy working with Vivion because they have outstanding customer service, quick turn around time, and they are always easy to reach. They make purchasing a pleasure. “

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