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Technical Assistance

Vivion’s Technical Assistance offers an additional resource to customers to help solve product problems, enhance products, or decrease product costs without reducing value. Our staff is experienced and highly knowledgeable in ingredients and chemicals for a wide spectrum of industries.

The following examples illustrate how Vivion has assisted customers:

Food Product Solution eliminates product setbacks and generates increased sales
A tortilla manufacturing company came to us to help solve a cracking problem that occurred after the tortillas had been in the refrigerator for a few days. When the customer tried to roll the tortilla, it would crack and peel. We immediately got our Technical Assistance staff involved.

We initially conducted preliminary experiments with different ingredient combinations. Afterwards, we did trials at the customer’s facility with the new formulation to verify that the cracking problem was eliminated. The customer was very pleased with the outcome and is now able to promote a product that has additional benefits to consumers. In addition to resolving the problem, the improvement generated additional sales for the customer.

Nutritional Product Solution overcomes product development problems and gains satisfied customers
A nutritional customer approached Vivion to assist in overcoming problems encountered while developing a children’s chewable tablet. They knew what ingredients to include, but were having setbacks with flow-ability and the tablet was not pressing well—two problems that give tablet manufacturers headaches. We suggested they use a multi-functional granular dextrose product. Two of its properties include enhancing flow-ability and making a harder tablet.

Vivion provided usage levels along with another sweetener that would add the desired sweetness level while having the additional benefit of mixing well. Now the manufacturer was able to prepare a formula that was acceptable to their customer base. This very loyal client continues to ask Vivion for suggestions for product improvements.

Personal Care Product Solution making it all natural without losing product benefits
One of our personal care accounts was looking for an all natural surfactant that could be used in a hair care product. The customer preferred a blend that would reduce costs by limiting the number of separate raw ingredients that would need to be purchased.

Our Technical staff got involved, and they contacted one of our suppliers who could make a product that would satisfy the customer’s requirements. It was a unique blend of all natural surfactants that could be used for hair care products. The Vivion team then provided formulation assistance, gave the customer all the product specifications, and assisted in developing the finished product. The customer’s finished product has been successful and their sales are increasing.

Industrial Product Solution eliminates residues and
expands market

An industrial customer contacted Vivion looking for a product that could be sold for degreasing a printing press. The client indicated he wanted a concentrated product so our staff suggested one of our surfactants. When he discovered the high price of the surfactant alone, he again asked for assistance in developing a blend that would reduce his costs. We were able to re-formulate using a surfactant to water ratio that was acceptable.

When the customer tried the formula, however, a greasy residue was left. The Vivion Team suggested adding a metasilicate to eliminate the excess grease. The new version eliminated the residue but left streaks on the press. Our staff then added a green chelator to the formula, which solved the problem. Our customer now has a new product that can be sold not only to his existing customer but allows him to market and sell it to other printers.

And we may have a solution for your product.
If you have technical questions, just ask the expert at asktheexpert@vivioninc.com.

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